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About us

The shop was set up to try to eliminate all the problems for makers of handmade items when attending craft fairs and to increase the positive sides.

Craft fairs are usually one day events that require an unknown amount of stock, travelling to and from the event, setting up the display and packing away at the end of the day plus all the extras such as packaging, mobile card payments (if there’s signal!), being in a good spot, sometimes being out in all weathers, having to be there all day and many, many more considerations.

With a number of craft fairs also recently allowing in bought in, mass produced items and not promoting the event effectively, the sellers were starting to feel that events were more miss than hit.

So, having experienced many, many craft fairs myself – the very good to the truly awful – it was time to find a way to offer more selling opportunities with less work (more creating time!) and keeping the costs down for each seller.

Essentially the shop is a team of like minded creative folk who just want to have time to make and sell their wonderful creations to the ideal customer!

We are only handmade! And our customers have been truly complimentary and positive about what we’re doing.

We hope to offer an ever changing range of handmade items at all prices to suit. We have no specific ‘look’ about us – we are as diverse as any craft fair but we certainly have our standards!!

No matter how popular or useful online shopping is for a lot of people, there is still nothing quite like having a browse around a comfortable little shop full of original and unique handmade items. And not all of our sellers wish to sell online.


We are open:

Monday 10am to 5pm

Tuesday 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 10am to 5pm

Thursday 10am to 2pm

Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 10am to 5pm


Unit 2, 5A Market Road,


East Sussex

TN31 7JA.

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